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Terms and Conditions for Eurosalesman Account


Eurosalesman® Account is our way of offering personalized offers, good service and simplified administration for our customers. The Eurosalesman® account is linked to a personal login function through our website that you create yourself, which means you can, among other things, save your favorites and see your previous purchases. To register as an account holder with us, you need to accept these terms and conditions for the Eurosalesman® account.

Registration of a Eurosalesman® account

Being a holder of a Eurosalesman® account is free of charge. To become an account holder with Eurosalesman®, you must be 18 years old and have an e-mail address and a permanent postal address. For companies, the term “account holder” refers to both the company and its representatives.

The Eurosalesman® account is personal and cannot be transferred to another individual or company. You are responsible for the purchases made with your login details. By agreeing to these terms, you undertake not to disclose the username and password of any unauthorized person and are responsible for ensuring that your username and password are stored securely so that unauthorized persons cannot access the information. If you suspect your password is unauthorized, change your password immediately and report your suspicion to Eurosalesman®.

As an account holder, you are responsible for ensuring that the information you provided is accurate and completely completed. By changing your personal information, such as your name, telephone number or address, you undertake to immediately inform Eurosalesman® of correct information.

You become an account holder of a Eurosalesman® account once you have accepted these terms and registered in the Eurosalesman® system and the Eurosalesman® account has been opened through the Eurosalesman® website.

As an account holder you are obliged to consult the contents of the terms of the Eurosalesman® account and any changes to the terms.

Processing of personal data

When you register as an account holder, Eurosalesman® will process personal data about you. Eurosalesman® AB, with org. No 556670-8557 and postal address Reimersholmsgatan 79, 117 40 Stockholm is responsible for personal data processing of your personal data. The processing takes place according to Eurosalesman®’s privacy policy which describes in detail how we collect, use, store and share your personal information.

Personalized benefits, offers and communications

When you register for a Eurosalesman® account when you make a purchase with us, you leave your postal address, e-mail address and telephone number, among other things. This contact information uses Eurosalesman® to inform you about your account holdings and to communicate offers and other marketing about similar products and services to you.

We usually communicate our offers via email, letter, sms / mms and phone. Sometimes we also communicate through digital advertising on external websites.

As a holder of the Eurosalesman® account, you receive individually customized communications with personalized offers, news, and benefits linked to your particular account. By adapting our offers and other communications to you according to your information and how you use our site, we ensure that you receive relevant information that is of interest to you. In addition, we give you a personalized experience of our website.

Eurosalesman® has the right to give different customers different benefits and offers. This means that Eurosalesman® is not obliged to provide the same benefits or offers to all customers. For example, different offers can be given to customers with different purchasing patterns or purchasing volumes as well as to customers who live within a certain geographical area.

In order to be able to adapt our benefits, offers and communications to you, it is necessary that Eurosalesman® performs analyzes at the segment-individual or aggregate level based on information we collect about you, such as age, place of residence, purchase history, how you use our web, which of our products, services and offers you were interested in by visiting different websites and sections of pages, how you interacted with our marketing communication by opening e-mail and clicking on links, and results from satisfaction or market research. Our insights from the analyzes form the basis of our communication with you as well as the information and offers presented to you on our website. Through such analysis, we also avoid sending information to you that you might perceive as unnecessary or uninteresting. The insights from our analyzes can also form the basis for how we develop our business. All in all, our analyzes mean that we process your personal data to satisfy both Eurosalesman®’s and our customers’ legitimate interest in evaluating, developing and improving our products, services and systems.

Please note that important information that does not relate to the marketing of our products or services may be sent to you by mail or email even when you have objected to marketing.

Application and amendment of the terms

When purchasing, Eurosalesman®’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale always apply. The terms of sale are not affected by these terms for the Eurosalesman® account.

These terms and conditions for the Eurosalesman® account apply at any time in the form and to the content published on the Eurosalesman® website.

Eurosalesman® has the right to change the terms and conditions of Eurosalesman® accounts at any time and how offers are designed or provided. If the terms of the Eurosalesman® account are changed, the updated terms will be published on the Eurosalesman® website. If you do not want to accept the changed terms, you can cancel your Eurosalesman® account by contacting Eurosalesman®, see the contact details at the bottom of these terms.

Except as a result of mandatory legislation, Eurosalesman® will not be liable for any losses (including lost benefits or inferior benefits) as a result of changes to these terms, and Eurosalesman® is also not in any way liable to compensate Account Holders or third parties for such losses.

Validity and termination of your account

Your Eurosalesman® account is valid until further notice.

You can cancel your account hold at any time by contacting Eurosalesman®. Contact information can be found at the bottom of these terms. Upon termination of your account, any offers will lapse. In addition, all personal data that has been collected and processed to comply with these account terms will be deleted. However, even after your account is terminated, Eurosalesman® may need to process some of your personal information for other purposes, such as meeting our legal obligations. Read more about the purposes for which we process your personal data in the Eurosalesman® privacy policy.

Eurosalesman® reserves the right to terminate your Eurosalesman® account immediately and to cancel any offers in the event of suspicion of misuse or inappropriate use of the Eurosalesman® account or other misconduct. Abuse means, among other things, violation of these terms, registration of incorrect contact details, fraud or fraud attempts and forgery, alteration, sale or illegal transfer of documents, such as discount codes or vouchers, to another person.

If the account holder has been inactive for three years, the account will automatically be terminated and the personal data that we have collected and processed to provide the Eurosalesman® account and the services linked to the account holding in accordance with these terms will be deleted. You are considered inactive when you have not logged into your Eurosalesman® account, made any purchase in our online store in logged-in mode, had any customer service case or other support function linked to your account, visited our website or clicked on one of the links which we sent to you via email during the specified period.


Any disputes concerning the Eurosalesman® account that have not been resolved by agreement between the parties shall be settled according to Swedish law and by the Swedish court.

Contact information

If you have any questions about your holding of the Eurosalesman® account or if you want to close your Eurosalesman® account, please contact us by e-mail at info@Eurosalesman®.world.


Eurosalesman Terms

Eurosalesman would like to draw the attention of customers/advertisers that the following applies to advertising/publishing materials at HYPERLINK Mhttp://www.eurosalesman.xxwww.eurosalesman.xxThe URL HYPERLINK Mhttp://www.eurosalesman.xxwww.eurosalesman.xx is used as a general designation for all pages concerned in the Eurosalesman web portal, which contain the registered trademark Eurosalesman®.


External Laws and Product Origin

Many products and services are subject to laws that can differ from country to country. It is the responsibility of each and every customer/advertiser to ensure that they understand the laws their operations/services/products are subject to in the respective country. It shall also lie with the customer/advertiser to obey these laws. If that is not the case, Eurosalesman shall have the right to withdraw the published material immediately without entitling the customer/advertiser to any compensation.  Eurosalesman shall also have the right to remove links in advertisements/published materials linked to pages that do not comply with the laws of the respective country, its moral or ethics. Particularly sensitive subjects include alcohol, casino, gambling, fireworks, health care, pornography and associated subjects, care of the sick and medicinal products, drugs and drug paraphernalia, tobacco products, weapons, etc. The advertiser may not sell or market counterfeit or stolen goods at www.eurosalesman.xx



Even if Eurosalesman processes the content of each website at www.eurosalesman.xx with utmost care, Eurosalesman cannot always guarantee complete and error-free or 100% correct content. We disclaim any liability for damages, direct or indirect, associated with the use of the websites at HYPERLINK Mhttp://www.eurosalesman.xxM www.eurosalesman.xx.


External Links

Eurosalesman is not responsible for the content of websites that belong to other companies or organisations. This shall apply even if there are links to other websites at HYPERLINK Mhttp://www.eurosalesman.xxM www.eurosalesman.xxIt is always the owners of the linked websites who shall check the content of their websites. If Eurosalesman is informed about a law violation or any other harmful content, needless to say, the links will be removed immediately.


Data Protection

All information of personal nature at HYPERLINK Mhttp://www.eurosalesman.xxwww.eurosalesman.xx will be processed in utmost confidentiality and will be used for the sole purpose of offering the customer/advertiser the best personalised service possible. Eurosalesman guarantees that all personal information will not be forwarded to third parties and hereby assures that confidential data will be processed with greatest certainty according to the current data protection act in Sweden.



Brands and logotypes at HYPERLINK Mhttp://www.eurosalesman.xxwww.eurosalesman.xx are property of their respective owners even if that has not been explicitly stated at HYPERLINK Mhttp://www.eurosalesman.xxM www.eurosalesman.xx and Eurosalesman allows the use of brands/logotypes provided that doing so is not prohibited by any law. The same shall apply for copyright protected materials published with the holder’s permission or with the exceptions allowed by law.


Any disputes by reason of this agreement shall be resolved through arbitration in accordance with the arbitration Rules and Simplified Arbitration Proceedings of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. In any situation of dispute, the english version of the website is the one to be seen as the original. It is therefore the english version of Eurosalesman terms and conditions that should be taken into accouount in case of an dispute. The arbitration proceedings shall take place in Stockholm. The language of the proceedings must be English. The dispute shall comply with Swedish or current EU laws.

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