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Terms of purchase


These general terms and conditions apply from February 2020 and replace previously published terms of sale of EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB. EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB reserves the right to update these general terms, prices and other information at any time on the EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB website without prior notice. These general terms and conditions shall apply between EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB, reg. No. 556670-8557, Reimersholmsgatan 79, 117 40 Stockholm (“EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB”) and corporate customer (“Customer”) when purchasing products via the EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN ABS website . These general terms and conditions form an integral part of the agreement between the Customer and EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB, signed with respect to such purchase of products (the “Agreement”). By making a purchase from EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB via the EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB website, the Customer accepts these general terms and conditions. . 

Prices, fees and invoicing

The products presented on the EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB website constitute EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB’s regular range. The prices on the website are quoted in Euro, excluding VAT. Prices are updated in real time. The Customer shall pay the price and any fees that apply at the time of the order or which are otherwise expressly stated in the Agreement. Payment can be made after an approved credit check against an invoice that is due for payment ten days from the invoice date. Alternatively, payment must be made by prepayment and EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB has the right to refuse such sales until prepayment has been made. In the event of late payment, interest on late payments is payable in accordance with the Interest Act (1975: 635) as well as statutory reminder fees and, where applicable, collection fees. If the Customer is in arrears with payment, EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB is entitled, after written notice to the Customer, to withhold delivery or part of the delivery until its Customer has paid the full payment. If the Customer is in arrears with payment for more than 30 days after EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB has requested the Customer to pay the due amount, EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB may, after written notification thereof, cancel the Agreement in whole or in part with respect to the time ordered but not delivered products. 

Delivery and delivery delay

Delivery to the customer shall be made by Eurosalesman® without delay, but no later than seven days after payment has been received and delivery of correct and conditionally approved material from the customer. In case of delayed delivery of more than 30 days, the Customer is entitled to cancel the purchase if such delay was caused by EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB by written notification to EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB. EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB shall have no liability for any delay caused by the Customer, such as, for example, the provision of incorrect material. 

Liability for errors and complaints

A product is incorrect if it deviates from what is stated about the product’s properties on the EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN Abs website or in other written information from EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB regarding the product. In the event of a defect in a product that can be detected upon delivery, the Customer shall immediately, upon discovering the defect, report the defect to EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB, but no later than 10 days from the Delivery date. If a defect in the product occurs at a later date, the complaint must be made no later than 10 working days after the error was discovered or when the error should have been detected, but at least 12 months after the Delivery date. If a complaint has not been made within the specified time, the Customer is not entitled to apply a penalty. If there is an error, EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB undertakes, in its own choice with the above limitation, to remedy the error by redelivery or repayment of the purchase price. EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB’s liability for product failures is limited to what is stated above and the Customer cannot make any other claims against EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB due to the error. 


In all matters concerning delivery, complaints and the like, the Customer should contact EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB via e-mail (address stated on the website). For all contacts, order and invoice numbers and any. reason for complaint is stated. 

Force majeure

If a party is prevented from fulfilling its obligations under this Agreement by circumstances which a party has not been able to control, such as labor conflict, fire, changed government provision, government intervention and failure or delay in services and products from subcontractors due to the circumstances stated here; this shall constitute grounds for exemption which entails the advance of the time of performance and exemption from damages and other possible penalties. 

Personal information

EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB will process personal information about the Customer’s contact persons in connection with the Customer’s orders for products. EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB is responsible for personal data for the personal data Customer submits to EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB. The data is saved in order to fulfill commitments to the Customer and for marketing purposes. The Customer confirms that the Customer has informed the relevant contact persons of the Customer about EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN ABS’s processing of their personal data and obtained the necessary consent for such processing. A special policy for handling personal data can be found on the website. 

Limitation of Liability

EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB is under no circumstances liable for indirect or consequential damages such as, but not limited to, loss of profits, loss of production, reduced sales or revenue, barriers to fulfilling commitments to third parties, or reduced benefit of the agreement. EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by impossibility or difficulty in using the products or information or for the loss of data. EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB’s liability for damage, loss, and indemnity or any amount that otherwise has to be paid to a customer caused by or in connection with EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB’s performance of its obligations, or such omission, whether caused by this agreement or under contract basis, is limited to the contract value of the ordered product that gave rise to the claim. 

Transfer of the Agreement

EUROSALESMAN® SWEDEN AB Agreement may, without the Customer’s consent, assign the right to receive payment in accordance with the Agreement. Otherwise, the Agreement and / or rights and obligations may not be transferred without the consent of the counterparty. 


Should any provision of the Agreement or part thereof be found to be invalid, this shall not mean that the Agreement is in its entirety invalid, but to the extent that the invalidity substantially affects the party’s exchange or performance under the Agreement, reasonable settlement in the Agreement shall take place. 

Amendments and additions

Amendments and additions to this Agreement shall be in writing and signed by both parties. Amendments and additions to this Agreement may only be invoked against a party provided that they have approved such amendment or amendment in writing. 

Applicable law and dispute resolution

The agreement is governed by Swedish law. Disputes regarding interpretation and application of the Agreement shall be exclusively settled by the Stockholm District Court as the first instance.