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Meet Martin

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From for-fun-in-sparetime homeoffice bureau to international Web- and IT-development agency.

Our story

Team Lenom and ITprojekt started on a “for fun”-basis together with my co-owners and collegues at Lenom. We started out as a company created for making ideas into reality, as we are all creative and visionary people. We, by heart, love what we do…or in fact, we don´t do anything we do not love. Most of our projects are mainly focused on web development in general, and WordPress in particular. 

We first came in contact with Ole Heyman as he was looking for assistance with writing content to As content writing is kind of a thing for me, I sent Ole a personal reply and we started looking at his website. We started to get a connection from the beginning, and weeks later we decided that we should do a total rework of Eurosalesman together. Ole made a very trustworthy impression from the start, and therefore we did not hesitate to start a long term cooperation with Ole and Eurosalesman. 

“Ole made a very trustworthy impression from the start…”

The Eurosalesman Platform

Eurosalesman has really made our business flourish. As a, at least at an inital stage, small time business, it was hard for us to really get trough the internet “noise”. As small time actors with small time budgets, we did not stand a chance against the giants in our field. They could easily just buy their way into the market with massive marketing campaigns, and we did not have that kind of time or money.

Eurosalesman changed everything. All of a sudden we had the opportunity to post international ads to a fraction of the  cost on other platforms. Also, by being one of the early adaptors of Eurosalesman, we had the opportunity to take a domintant stance at multiple local markets, and secure deals with customers long before our competitors. Basically, Eurosalesman made us an actor on several local markets around the globe. Markets that were earlier totally unknown to us, and were we were totally unknown to our customers.

Also, one great thing we discovered with Eurosalesman was the easy ways of redirecting our marketing focus into other markets. As soon as we see our competitors establishing to strongly on one market, we can easily re-direct our efforts somewhere else. This makes us and our marketing strategy extremely agile, and really gives us an upper hand. No more marketing campaigns being done in vain, wasting money for no good. Acutally, since starting to use Eurosalesman as a platform, our marketing costs has decreased. At the same time our revenue has increased. Marketing done on this platform surely proved benefitial us in terms of both money and time spent.

“Acutally, since starting to use Eurosalesman as a platform, our marketing costs has decreased.”

Why Work With Eurosalesman?

We truly belive that we have Ole and Eurosalesman to thank for much of where we are today. Eurosalesman provided an opportunity for us to grow globally, that we otherwise would not have had. We are pretty spoiled in a way, as we work in our company mainly for fun. And Eurosalesman sure made it all even funnier.

Eurosalesman is a great opportunity for those looking to establish international contacts, but without risking loosing focus on your core business or a lot of money. 

If you have any questions regarding our cooperation with Eurosalesman, or any other inquiry regarding Web- and IT-development, do not hesitate to contact us by visiting our website.


Below you find  Team Lenom and ITprojekts business development one year after establishing contact with Eurosalesman


Non-swedish sales


Sales rev


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Celebration-Beer account