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Cookies and similar technologies

At Eurosalesman® we use cookies and similar technologies (collectively called cookies) on our website and in our services to improve your experience. We use cookies to simplify and customise our services and communications. Below we will explain how we use cookies and what choices you can make about our cookies and how we use them.

Please also see our privacy policy regarding the management of your personal data.


What are cookies and similar technologies?


Cookies are small text files with information stored on your computer, mobile, tablet, or other. Some cookies are necessary for your website to work effectively, while others are used to improve your experience and help you navigate our page.

We also use web-beacons, which are used to gather information for advertising analysis tools and for specific events such as registration or conversion. A web beacon is also called web bug, and tracking pixel, and is a small image embedded in the HTML code or in a JavaScript on our page.


What types of cookies and similar technologies does Eurosalesman® use?


We use cookies to make our website and services easier to use and to customise our website and services to your interests and needs. The use of cookies that keep track of what you’ve been interested in in the past allows us to view information that hopefully matches your personal preferences. In general, we categorise our cookies and their use as follows:


Required cookies

These cookies are necessary to provide you with our website. They enable us to remember choices you make about languages, for example. These necessary cookies also contain statistical cookies that allow the collection of statistics used to further develop and improve the website (for example, to see the number of visitors to the website and how they use it). The data collected by Eurosalesman® are used for statistical analysis at an aggregated level and not at user level.


Marketing cookies

These cookies are not placed by Eurosalesman®, but by our marketing partners. They enable us to direct the relevant marketing to you.


Personalisation cookies

We use personalisation cookies to customise the experience and communication on our website to meet your needs. This enables us to propose products and search results that are tailored to you. Cookies are stored on your device for different periods of time depending on the function and purpose of the specific cookie. A cookie that is used only for the website to work properly is deleted after your visit to the website, while the cookies used to recognise you and remember your preferences for your next visit to the website will be stored in your device for a long time.


Consent Management

Your browser or device allows you to change the settings for the use and scope of cookies. Go to your browser or device settings to learn more about adjusting cookies settings. For example, you can choose to block all cookies, to accept only first party cookies (cookies placed by the website you are visiting), or to delete cookies when you close your browser. Note that some of our services may not work properly if you block or remove cookies.

Changes to our Eurosalesman® cookie policy may update this policy by publishing changes to its website.

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