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We give your company local trustability on a global level, granting you access to new B2B contacts all over the world at the comfort of your office.


Our Story

In 2002, the founder of Eurosalesman, Ole Heyman, made a life changeing decision. Having spendt decades travelling the world in diffrent companies as a travelling salesman, he decided that something had to change. Hours and hours spent in hotels, airports and cars to travel between customers started to affect his family life, social life and physical health in a bad way. The people he met on his travels who were in the same situation, would also bear witness to his findings.

As a goal-driven entrepenaur, Ole could not just stand by and watch. He saw that he could really make a positive impact in all these peoples lifes, along with their families. He also had an opportunity to provide a change to the salesbusiness that would also benefit the enviroment.

“As a goal-driven entrepenaur, Ole could not just stand by and watch…”

The salescompany Eurosalesman was born, and what started as a small company with a solid mission for change, evolved into a global scale marketing actor. Today, Eurosalesman is present in all the major economies of the world. We are granting customers the possibility to act as a trustworthy, local company on all these markets at the same time. Eurosalesman, as a brand, is a registred trademark in over 80 countries, and has a global trademark protection. What started as an idea in Oles head when covering thousands of miles on the road, has now become the next big thing in B2B-sales globally.

Our Business Model

To simplify our service, Eurosalesman provides local marketing on a global scale. All ads posted on Eurosalesman will be presented on one or more of our 80+ local topdomains in the countries of your choice. Thereby, all business contacts can be established between you and you customers before you ever meet in real life. No businesstrips will ever be made in vain again, and some deals will even be setup and executed right from your desk. Technology is amazing, exciting and under-used in sales business, that´s for sure.

Establishing a true, local presence on a foregin market is something that usually takes several years, and huge amounts of economic founds for a company to achive. With Eurosalesman, all the hard work is already done, and you can focus on establishing new business contacts and increase your turnover and profits. We have exclusive rights in over 80 countries, providing you with an already established platform based on our 80+ local top level domains, 80+ registered trademarks and 70+ international patents.

Eurosalesman – The brand of World Champions

With Eurosalesman, your ads will have the possibility to reach all potential customers in any country, with a local touch. The same ad can be used in multiple countries of your choice, either in english or in a man-made, native translation provided by us. This said, joining Eurosalesman will save you massive amounts of time and money, and at the same time provide local presence for your company. The same message being communicated in multiple, local channels will provide amazing searchability for your ads.



“With Eurosalesman, all the hard work is already done…”


And also, did we mention that your expansion or redirection of marketing can be done any time you want? And that it´s a two-minute effort?

Your main reasons for choosing Eurosalesman as your platform:

  •  True local presence: By using our local TLDs (top-level domains) and taking advantage of our international trademark registration you will appear closer to your customers. Eurosalesman provides exclusive rights in 5 continents.
  • Use our translationsservices to advertise and communicate with your customers in their own language, no matter where in the world they might be.
  • Estabilsh local presence and trustability anywhere in world, for a fraction of the time and funds it would normally demand from your business.
  • No more time wasted! Secure your local contacts before making any businesstrips. The enviroment, your family and friends, and your P&L will thank you.
  • Exclusive rights to the Eurosalesman brand both on- and offline, on the top 80 world markets.

Our Vision

Eurosalesman provides an international business and marketing platform where companies and customers meet at their own local market. We aim to become the Nr 1 platform of choice for connecting business partners all over the world. Already today, no other actor on the market can provide the level of local connection that we do, with registered trademarks in over 80 countries and over 70 international patents.

Eurosalesman shall become a dominating market leader in terms of creating business opportunities for B2B sales all over the world. Be a part of the next big thing in B2B-sales, and join us now.

Ole Heyman

Ole Heyman


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