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By joining our business network, you will be able to launch multiple local marketing campaigns with exclusive rights, in all major economies of the world. Eurosalesman® is a registered and protected trademark for 10 years at the world’s leading patent and registration offices worldwide. Using our platform will grant you a high level of local trustability, increase your level of online presence,  and improve your ranking with searchengines which makes you easier to find for your customers.

Registered trademark and local Top Level Domains (TLD´s)

European Union, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Austria. USA, Canada, Brazil, , India, China, Japan, Russia, Australia, Norway, Mexico, New Zealand, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland Turkey, Malta, Cyprus, Colombia,Pakistan, Singapore, UK, Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea ,Asian tiger economies, The African lion economies and many more.

Appear Local - Everywhere

Through our network, your business will appear as a trustworthy local partner to all your potential new clients.

Increase Sales - Globally

Through Eurosalesman, your sales will flourish. New, international business contacts will secure increased sales both short and long term.

Safe And Secure

Eurosalesman uses Stripe as a partner for handling our payments, and we can gurantee safe payments from all over the world.


of our customers increase their sales with Eurosalesman


Experience increased trafic to their websites

Get your business going


€ 19
3 months

This is for the startup that wants to place a footprint on the local market and let the business grow. Start working on your expansion in a modern and sustainable way.

Expand your business


€ 49
6 months

The business has been booming for a while and now it's time to expand over the borders. Now it´s time to expand your company borders, and start building a global business.

Dominate your business


€ 189
12 months

People might know your company or your brand, but might have missed out on the fact that you're also local. Let them know, in every way and local market possible!

Success Stories

At Eurosalesman we rejoice in the success of our customers. Below you can find a couple of stories from our customers, and how they made their business flourish on a global level with Eurosalesman.

Team Lenom

Words From Our Customers

"Our journey with Ole and Eurosalesman has been a blast from the beginning. Eurosalesman gave us opportunity to exapand our business from our home office in Linköping, Sweden, and made the whole world availble and up for grabs. Eurosalesman took our small, part-time bureau and made it grow into a ambotious full-time project, with a mission to conquer the world."

Martin Damberg

CEO, and

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