Sales company Eurosalesman – Exclusive Business rights, for best marketing globally

The no.1 Business network – 52 of the world’s top markets!

Advertise with Eurosalesman in the world’s top 10 online markets. Est. Turnover 1400 $ billion! Eurosalesman offers the best local locations online in every of the top 10 markets. Under construction.

  • 1.China: $672 billion
  • 2.United States: $340 billion
  • 3.United Kingdom: $99 billion
  • 4.Japan: $79 billion
  • 5.Germany: $73 billion
  • 6.France: $43 billion
  • 7.South Korea: $37
  • 8.Canada: $30 billion
  • 9.Russia: $20 billion
  • 10.Brazil: $19 billion
 Our Business Concept
A good location leads to success! This is also true on the internet.

Our business concept is based on applying a cost-effective model to help your company market its entire product range (or just a part of it) nationally and internationally. Creating an optimum position online for your business is our goal here there and everywhere!

The solution consists of a strong, copyright-protected trademark and own top domains across the world. It also guarantees that the recipient will experience local marketing. This inspires the recipient to have high confidence with strong local roots. We are a modern, international sales channel with Internet as our primary tool.

Approved globally, by the most important market organisations creates trust in the markets

Approved and protected in accordance with the world’s toughest patent and trademark registrars requirements and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) as well as national top-level domains online head organisation Icann (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) You can trust Eurosalesman®

A reg trade mark® in the EU and more globally. Creates a selling home -market feeling.

The main home marketThe EU –® EUIPO, European union intellectual property office reg trademark eu no. 015485824 in Canada .ca TMA 1000.603, Schweiz reg 1317106(int.reg) India reg no. 3429494, Russia 1317106(int.reg) Norway 1317106. USA 5173840, Australia 1801369, Africa 1317106(int.reg) Brazil 8299431543, Japan reg no. 1317106(int.reg) Pakistan 43547742.Turkey 1317106, WIPO (World intelligent property organisation) 400575

Reg Top national Domains in the EU and in 50 Countries. Country-specific domains can rank better in the Google for that country

Eurosalesman is a local top-level domain in each of the 27 member countries for stronger network solutions.

An Investment in future development markets for your company

With TLD and and a multisite network, we can now even develop two of the world’s most interesting continents Africa and Asia and expand your business overall. , sales company Eurosalesman becomes an important key for your global success

Eurosalesman® – When the best business world is around the corner